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P. T. Golden has been a lifelong volunteer with an impressive record of causing profound changes in underserved communities. He was born and raised in Bucks County, in rural Pennsylvania. One of his most impactful projects had him spending a decade in a crack hood. A crumbling corner of West Philly became a crime-free safe zone.

In 1990, he suffered a spinal cord injury, losing the ability to walk but gaining the ability to fly. Weeks after recovery from severe injury, he began training as a disabled glider pilot.

P. T. Golden was born Peter Terence Golden, all three names passed down through the family tree from distantly related writers, who had an impact on history. Terence MacSwiney gave his life and freedom for his writing.

P. T. Golden authored short stories, poetry, and children’s stories, each one customized to the individual audience, and each audience a single individual. He wrote and gave away the only copies. When P. T. Golden had his own close calls with death’s grasp, he decided to gift the world with his unique style of wordsmith ingenuity.

P. T. Golden’s gritty debut collection of shockingly diverse short stories “Ban The Taboo” was written at a time when Americans lived in fear of expanding their knowledge and experiences. Nobody wanted to know how other people lived. They didn’t want you to know either. Even the math books made the banned book list.

If reality is outlawed, only the realm of fantasy remains open to the doorways of the mind. P. T. Golden opened that door.

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