Ban The Taboo Vol. 1 book launch coming soon.

At long last— the long awaited “Ban The Taboo Vol. 1” is ready to publish and unleash onto the world. I just hope the world is ready.
Why “Ban The Taboo?” Well, it’s simple. I showed the rough draft to family and friends, they were in agreement, “This is very well written, I’m impressed, but with the way things are now, these will get your book banned.” I responded “yay!”
What is “Ban The Taboo?”

What Awaits Within

The Spider’s Thunderous Purr

Sergeant T. Thompson is a pacifist sniper thrust into the heat of battle. Pinned down and under heavy fire, forced to kill painlessly.

One Step Out Of Time

Death, it is just a doorway to another time. A time traveling love story. The answer to that question I’m sure we all had (or is it just me?) what would be the final thoughts of a decapitated head? Come take a journey spanning ten thousand years.

Undying Love

The sweetest love story every written— that requires a trigger warning.

The Mineral Kingdom Messenger

The Earth is alive and the Mineral Kingdom the dominant species. A messenger arises to deliver a stark warning to humanity. Will it be too late?

Tikoloshe The Tormentor

Tikoloshe, out of Africa comes the terrifying beast of folklore. The shapeshifting vampire heart eater takes the young daughter of a Maasai family. Father and young son hunt the beast down together. At only six years old, a warrior is born.

The Farm

Everything west of the Rockies is ash and dust. Only the farm is left. The farm produces meat and potatoes. Dusty grows potatoes. Dusty is meat. Raised as livestock he escapes and heads east. With only a handful of potatoes, and not nearly enough water, will he escape or end up in the pot?

Eves Wisdom And Truth

Near future archeologist presents scientific evidence of Eve and Eden. Did we have it wrong all along?

The Law Of The Land

Linda Howahkan Esq. while preparing for a court case involving a mineral extraction companies rights to mine on tribal treaty lands. Linda awakens to the voice of the sacred. The voice of the land. Mitake oyasin. The voice of her relations. With a conflict of interests she takes on a new client.

The Dumpster King

We are the abandoned. A tribe of discarded infants. We found our purpose in being unwanted.

The Harpy

Clarissa left the city with her young child fleeing abuse. The two found a peaceful life in a remote cabin in the rainforest. Clarissa wasn’t the only mother trying to save her offspring. The harpy eagle. The primate hunter is on the hunt.

What Fate Giveth Fate Taketh Away

Harry and Eric— two opposite architects; their lives in the hands of Fate, Karma, Ego, and Chaos.

Unspeakable Wickedness

Shandra is just a child. A child that revels in cruelty and brutality. A sociopath. A witch. Living in the early days of the Christ child. The bloodbath. The apocalypse. Oh now we are having fun! Crunch crunch crunch. Snapping bones and severed limbs. The dance of death is just the beginning.

Literary agents and publishers still have time to request a manuscript if you hurry and contact me now. [email protected] Absolutely no vanity presses. Serious inquiries only. Quirky small publishers are very welcome to inquire.

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