Ban The Taboo Vol. 2 progress

Volume 2 of Ban the Taboo is about half-done in rough form.

Volume 2 will prove to be just as much an emotional rollercoaster as volume 1.

What may be included:

Professor Now.

Time, why does it drag on in times of boredom? Why does one single event change the flow and pace, so a second is not long enough? Professor now knows. Time manipulation is easier than you might think.

World In Flames

The authors real life friends and events collide with a world of fantasy and horror in a near future blend of fantasy and dark reality. Meet Bird, in sixth grade Bird and her brother collected insects, and lizards. They were looking for dragon like qualities. For Bird, it was more than a childish game. From thirteen on she insisted she would become a geneticist, with the goal of creating a dragon. Fast forward to the Covid pandemic. Bird, having attained a Ph.D in genetics worked on viral research. When the nightmare pandemic ended, her dreams of dragons began. Her desire to bring magic to a depressed world, only leads to disaster. Her final act of love seals mankind’s fate.

The Ancients

A couple on a hike in Kentucky witness a feral girl disappear into an abandoned hunters outhouse. What they discover is a secret doorway into an unexplored section of Mammoth Cave. They discover a subterranean tribe. The tribe lives harmoniously with a super intelligent species. Our ancestors. The missing link, that regrettably were responsible for passing down a fragment of their intellect into the human gene pool.

Parted At Death

Voodoo zombification. What would it be like to wake from the dead, having no memory of having ever been alive? Would the first beat of the heart and first drawn breath be comforting or terrifying? Imagine your entire world, a small crypt of cold dead stone. What could you have possibly done to deserve this?

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